The Risin’ Sun is a young psych-rock power trio, inspired by rock n roll and the psychedelic wave, music still fresh, manifest in this new sound.

In their few years of life, The Risin’ Sun has played over 400 live shows in more than 30 cities, on 11 states of the United States, and 7 States of Mexico. They’ve been spreading their music through the world appearing in TV shows, radio stations and playing in some of the best venues, music festivals, parties, schools and non-profit events, making a name in the international scene.

The band recorded their first official single “Queen Of The Ball” with the guidance of the Rock and Roll Legend, Wayne Kramer (MC5), and the engineering and musical experience of Peter Malick. After that, The Risin’ Sun worked with the famous producer Gordon Raphael, recognized for his work with world-known bands, to record their first LP and consolidate their musical carrier as an independent band, from the people and for the people.

The Risin’ Sun is a compelling experience that aims for international prestige by exporting high-energy music with extreme quality. They are a young and experienced band ready to break into the global music scene.